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Milkcow fansign fan account

Translated via xina5959 (original post from DC)

Fan: Please write “Wish you happy” here!

LJS: … You are very unhappy??

Translation Note: Actually the original word is more profound than happy here, it is 幸福 in Chinese, which is like happiness and bliss due to good fortune and being blessed, anyway, be careful about what you ask for if you are so lucky to be able to meet him in a fansign XD

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140830 MilkCow Fansign © DEER | DO NOT EDIT


140830 MilkCow Fansign © DEER | DO NOT EDIT

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Milkcow Fansign Q&A
Q: What drama does “drama otaku” Lee Jong Suk recommend?
A: Sherlock
(Pic Source: LJS DC)
Translation note: I thought you just watch Korean drama, haha. I love Sherlock too!!

Milkcow Fansign Q&A

Q: What drama does “drama otaku” Lee Jong Suk recommend?

A: Sherlock

(Pic Source: LJS DC)

Translation note: I thought you just watch Korean drama, haha. I love Sherlock too!!

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Seeing this now I remember…. I took a nap and had this dream… 

Sooha was taking care of their baby, a girl. He was playing with her in the center of the house when Hyesung arrived, probably from work because she was fully dress with her work  clothes. Both smiled when their eyes met and Hyesung took the girl in her arms while asking Sooha if everything was alright. He just smiled and nodded. Of course he had no problem taking care of their baby, he can know everything she needs just by looking at her eyes and Hyesung knows that.  

This is not a fic or similar (I am not good at writing anyway :P), I am really describing what I dream. Is actually the 1st time I ever dream with a drama o_o … IHYV what have you done to me…. ;A;

OMO!!! …. You didn’t write?!? Please think seriously in start to do it …I almost cry with ur ‘dream’!! ;_;

was the best dream ever… ;-; … and I can think in writing in spanish, but english pfff… neverrrrs… xD

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[Photo] 26/08/2014 Lee Jong Suk @ Incheon Airport

Credit : ©dewdew

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I Hear Your Voice Filming Spots (5)- Hyesung’s Home

DO NOT REPOST THIS ANYWHERE ELSE, THANKS! DSC01572 This is going to be the most difficult place to get to, the revolving door was difficult to find online… but it wasn’t difficult to get to, this one is the most difficult among the 5 filming spots of IHYV, because it is farthest away from the metro, so I suggest you should get there by bus. This was one of the most interesting days in my last Seoul trip. Before going there, my first destination of the day is Milkcow ice cream store. XDDDD I tried it the first time that day, Jong Suk just started endorsing this brand at that time, so there are no pictures of him in the store… This was taken at the Hongdae store.


Now back to the topic here, I am not going to skip describing how I got there, because I am not recommending that way haha. I took another bus, not the one I am going to recommend. I found this bus no. 7024 only when I left, I found it very convenient, and it should be very easy even if you don’t know any Korean, because you just need to take the bus from one terminus (Seoul station to the other— 봉원사 Bongwonsa 奉元寺. Hyesung’s home is near a temple and this name of this terminus is the temple). If you want to get there by metro, the nearest station is Sinchon station (exit 2), you need to walk about 1.4km (according to daum map) to get there, and there is a slight upslope along the way.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.11.53 pm I went there last April, some cherry blossoms were still there, while I was walking uphill, I saw some cherry blossoms around a temple nearby which was Bongwonsa. Then I thought it might be interesting to go that way and take a look first before I go to see Hyesung’s place, so that was what I did. After I got there, I saw a lot of Korean people going to the back of the temple… so I followed them to walk uphill… then I saw a peak nearby, and I thought why not try walking up there to see the view? So many people were walking, even if I fell, someone should be able to save me haha, so that was what I did. DSC01525 If you are interesting in doing a short walk, I think you should try this out. It is quite safe to do it even when I am just going alone. (If you go on weekends) I went on a Sunday, and I was surrounded by people, and there are so many routes to choose from.

DSC01560 There are clear signs in Korean, English and Chinese along the way.

DSC01542 When you get to the top of Ansan (안산/鞍山), you will see the smoke signaling chimney which was used for battles in the past.

DSC01559 And a nice view up there too.


DSC01547-001 When I was walking downhill that day, an ajusshi helped me all the way down, and he bought me a drink when we got back to the temple. And he even insisted helping me to get transport back to my guesthouse (actually it was something I could do myself…), so the problem here was how I could go to Hyesung’s place then… I didn’t know what to tell him then… Luckily he brought me to the bus terminus for bus 7024! And from my phone app, I noted that there were 15 mins before before the next bus would depart! Then I told him there was something I wanted to see nearby, I would be back in like 5 mins! And I ran towards Hyesung’s place XDDDDDDD The blue marker is the location of her home, and you can see the symbol for bus station nearby (on the top part of the map). That is the bus station for bus number 7024. (16 mins in between each bus according to daum map, so you probably don’t need to wait for long)

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.12.39 pm Just walk downhill for a short bit after you get off the bus, you can see a park, and then just walk up the staircase here on the left hand side of the pic. DSC01562 I think I remember there was a scene where Cha Byeon walked Hyesung back to her house along this staircase??


Just walk up a bit after that. DSC01564

Turn right. DSC01565

Ok, you know what to do. (I’m not telling you to climb up the light post nearby to fix the lights XDDDD) Get your camera out and take pictures! DSC01566 DSC01567 After you walk up the hill, and turn back, this looks even more familiar. (To me who has watched IHYV numerous times anyway… this view appears so many times…) DSC01571 I was thinking how I could get a picture taken there when no one was nearby… then a couple walked up the hill! I asked them to get a picture for me… the woman was so surprised for like a second, (“how come this crazy gal wants a pic here, there is nothing here???!!!”), then she said “oh TV drama!” WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This place is Hyesung’s home. It is also the home for Ku Ae-Jung in the drama the Greatest Love. Again this is daum map for this place if you want to use daum map. And the address of the place is 서울 서대문구 연대동문1길 57

지도를 클릭하시면 위치정보를 확인하실 수 있습니다.

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Kang Minkyung & Lee Jongsuk for G by GUESS

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